Hint to Riddle #63: 6 Bullets in 60 seconds how long for 3 bullets?

63. Billy The Whizz, a 19th century cowboy, carries an 1847 Colt single action 6 shooter revolver. So proficient is he with this weapon that when he fires all 6 shots in a row, the time between the first bullet and the last is 60 seconds. How long would it take him to fire 3 shots?
4 fence posts and 3 fence panels
'There are 4 fence posts separated by 10m fence panels, how long is the fence?'
Is a pretty close example to the bullet question. Of course it's obvious when you are looking at a picture of the fence.

Notice the fence posts, like the gun shots are not the same thing as the fence panels. The fence panels are the gaps between the posts.

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